March Through May

At times we creatives experience a kind of emptiness, a sense of creative sterility or perhaps a period of brain rest. This describes how I have been overall during the past few months. It is easy to slip into feelings of guilt or shame especially considering the money spent on graduate school. Yet those two agitators must quickly have their say and then be successfully calmed so that we can say so long for now you killjoys you malcontents! In this process, I am able to see what is actually happening. I am reading, watching, listening, laughing, hiking, gathering, creating, living each and every day. Sometimes it looks like lying on the couch to watch a documentary or read a good novel. Others could be stirring a pot of milk on the stovetop until it reaches 185 degrees fahrenheit and then spoil it with a culture in order to transform it to a yummy treat. In addition, working for another aids in the process of my walking through the haze.

There is more to come. For now – done here.

SB+C Beefhaus



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