Much Needed Break and Salads

Back to the blog…six months away from here proved to be one of the best reprieves for me. Learning to flow rather than fight on the things that don’t matter so much to save energy for the things that do.

The first post will be a bit of fluff but beautiful all the same. This blog is an inspiration to me. The blogger is a photographer, artist, and as she mentions in her blog “growing my own vegetables, cooking, writing about food and feeding my friends.”

Find her here: salad

I am currently willing to aspire to grow my own vegetables. For now herbs and simple edible plants that do well mostly taking care of themselves; like “rocket arugula” shown in this pic. Dave’s Garden is one of my go to websites about plants. More information about rocket arugula can be found here:  Dave’s Garden

backyard rocket arugula (early morning before the bees enjoy it)



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