June through August 2016

On sabbatical, hiatus, furlough, leave of absence, recess, break, time off, terms typically used by those who are doing just that from a job or work or something they are doing to take leave of. As for me, my hiatus, has been more like a gap or opening between my life pre-graduate school and about … [Read more…]

March Through May

At times we creatives experience a kind of emptiness, a sense of creative sterility or perhaps a period of brain rest. This describes how I have been overall during the past few months. It is easy to slip into feelings of guilt or shame especially considering the money spent on graduate school. Yet those two … [Read more…]

Acting Out

A conversation on the square with Lucy Lippard, chats about the interesting interactions with others regarding performance art with Rebecca Belmore, and numerous talks with other artists who both perform as well as make objects happened Dec 2-4th @”Acting Out:  A Symposium of Indigenous Performance Art” in Santa Fe, NM. See review/story:   Artsy.com Young artists Anna … [Read more…]

The Value of Empty Space

Yesterday afternoon I joined several people in the ongoing dialogue on the topic of value, specifically the value of the artist/curator in the art industry. Chagrin I missed the weekly conversations which took place at Central Trak beginning April 18th yet caught up in a way as the walls void of “art objects” such a paintings, … [Read more…]

In Support of Artist’s Freedom of Expression

On Monday, April 13, from 12:30-2PM, the Dallas Arts District Museums collectively re-staged Cuban artist Tania Bruguera’s participatory artwork, Tatlin’s Whisper #6. Members of the general public including staff from surrounding museums were provided a platform to step up and speak freely. Most who spoke, did so for the artist. Bruguera faces  potential incarceration by the Cuban … [Read more…]


Usually people say that a truly artistic show will always be unique, impossible to be repeated: never will the same actors, in the same play, produce the same show. Theatre is Life. People also say that, in life, we never really do anything for the first time, always repeating past experiences, habits, rituals, conventions. Life … [Read more…]