Reviews of “In The Room We Discovered An-Other In The Corner”

A couple of writers contacted me with interest in viewing and eventually writing about the month long exhibition. No reviews have been written by them. I’m guessing because they didn’t even attend. In the art world it is helpful to have something written about your work. My hope was that would occur this time. The last performance art “festival” entitled Inside)(Outside, was during the summer of 2014. PerformanceSW (Courtney Moezzi Brown and me) organized and curated the exhibition. Brown and I spent months preparing for this event. We are essentially pleased with they way things unfolded though some of the performances changed from our discussions with the artists and ended up less successful than we imagined. This is what can happen when working with live bodies and live audiences. A few articles were written about the exhibition one felt snarky and the other focused on the unsuccessful live works thus seemed one sided and in fact the writer didn’t even see all the performances. One article written by a non-art writer left us feeling accomplished and understood. That was helpful as well as affirming.

Remembering this last article lead me to search the internet for anything that might have been written by anyone who attended even just one of the performance events of In The Room… I found a few and am linking them in this post as well as including a some of their comments.  Thank you to all of you who attended the live events and to those of you who took the time to write your thoughts out in the virtual world. I appreciate the support.

Dark Entries 2/5/15

We also watched a performance called Tessellated Fold at Beefhaus. This performance was part of a series called In The Room We Discovered An-Other In The Corner, which will feature a different performance every Saturday in February. Tessellated Fold was very beautiful – it was a collaboration involving sound, video, textile, and dance. The singer, Lily Taylor, had such a beautiful voice! I finally sat down and read my latest copy of Arts+Culture magazine that I picked up, and coincidentally she was mentioned along with her husband, Sean Miller, who did the video. They have a gallery in Exposition Park – Midway Gallery. I need to visit that gallery soon!
Kieone Young (This was posted on facebook) Kieone was a drop in and wanted to take photos.

The final performance which really caught me off guard at first actually happen to be the one that I connected with the most. The story that the young man was telling was an expression of anger he felt in the loss of a friend or loved one due to either racism or police brutality and he took his anger out on two doors that was stationed in the center of the room and he punched the doors until his hands became bloody and it was almost like he was painting the all white doors with his blood to tell his story about his pain and I really connected with this one I don’t really know why but I understand where he’s coming from. Good job and kudos to him. Thank you Alison for having me…

 Canvassing, by Darryl Ratcliff. The second article he’s written about the February exhibition at BEEFHAUS.
Time Based Art Forms. This month has been a revelation for time-based art forms, and specifically in regards to performance and video mediums. … the Alison Starr-curated “In The Room We Discovered An – Other In The Corner,” are about to enter their final weekends. Don’t sleep on these events. They represent exactly the type of programming that the City of Dallas needs more of in the future. Hats off to all involved.

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