Usually people say that a truly artistic show will always be unique, impossible to be repeated: never will the same actors, in the same play, produce the same show. Theatre is Life. People also say that, in life, we never really do anything for the first time, always repeating past experiences, habits, rituals, conventions. Life … [Read more…]

Remembering and Commemorating

“…Dead, deadly, is death. Time is counted, let us not count the weightlessness of the love we experienced. When and why are altogether another matter. Is there any light ahead, any sky which would lift itself and not fear the sun?…” Etel Adnan (There) Today we will all join to remember Leslie Kemp. I’ve been … [Read more…]

“In The Room…” a mention in: Canvassing….

  Nice mention here: By Darryl Ratcliff : Community Engagement Associate, NCAR and Initiative on Arts + Urbanism at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas ” 2. Beefhaus (Last month: 24). Compared to the the McKinney Avenue Contemporary’s Medianale (more on that in a bit), the Alison Starr-curated “In the Room We Discovered an Other in the … [Read more…]